The Partners

Julien Kempf | Dietmar Woelfert

Born in Mulhouse (France) in 1957
Qualifications: Technician in mechanical construction
Language: French, English & German

Working experience:
1977 to 1998 at Schmidlin AG
Major projects:
Neubau Baarermatte, Orion House, Commercial union, Finsbury Dials

1991 Appointed to build up a design office for Schmidlin UK

1991 to 1993 Design office manager at Schmidlin UK

1995 to 1998 Project manager on Swiss, French & English markets
Major project:
250 Bishopsgate / London

1998 to 2004 building up and leading CladDesign Engineering AG (Permasteelisa Group)
Major projects:
Princes Exchange / Leeds, GSK House / London, Guinness HQ / London, More London Plot 1&6 / London, 3M-Murat / Paris

Project management, Design of customized curtain wall systems , Coordinate and guide design from tender phase until installation, Plan & structure projects using MS Project