3D Modeling

Nowadays Building Design is changing and thanks to 3d modelling, boundaries to Architects’ creativity are almost disappearing.

To follow this evolution we offer a full 3D capacity earned combining Rhino 3D and Solidworks, two powerful software very useful for their characteristics indicated here below.


- Very fast and intuitive, ideal for first 3D approach to mostly any project;

- High compatibility with most of the programs out in the market;

- Designing in maximum freedom;

- Used by a major number of architects.

Ability to build 3D models working on imported Autocad 2D drawings.

Ability to double-check progress on site against 3D model.

High quality renders can offer a better ideas of final products.


Fully parametric program

We use our expertise to modelized a range of the curtain wall details (Mock-up, Unit, Junction).

These modeling helps us to analyze the system and allow us to design and develop reliable constructions.

Full traceability of all the design process

We have a permanent link between a part, an assembly and the drawing.

Ability to create different pieces having different parameters linked directly linked to any excel list.

We can modelized facade elements using a 3D model linked with an excel table including formulas and equations.

Capacity to feed CNC Machine without passing through creation of hard paper shop drawings.

We have the possibility to design complex flashings with Solidworks and to obtain the flat pattern.

We can modelize the machined profiles using macros and then transfer the data for manufacturing using different format (SAT, STEP, .....).